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CJUG Announcements

CJUG Meeting April 14th: Coding by Numbers

posted Apr 11, 2010, 3:23 PM by CJUG Admin

The April CJUG meeting will be held online, courtesy of Elluminate Live! at the later-than-normal time of 7.00PM MDT, Wednesday April 14th. Paul Umbers will talk about using code metrics to improve your programming style & project quality, and will demonstrate the Sonar metrics tool & web application.

To join the meeting at the appropriate time, click here.

CJUG Meeting March 10th

posted Mar 8, 2010, 7:07 AM by CJUG Admin   [ updated Mar 8, 2010, 7:13 AM ]

CJUG's March meeting will be a social event - no speakers - held at Malcolm's, Ground Floor, 5th Avenue Place (under our old conference room). We'll be there between 5pm and 7pm, along with a supply of chicken wings and other food for anyone interested in meeting friends old & new. Sorry, we can't supply any alcohol or other drinks due to liability issues.

New Digital Publisher Launches In Calgary, AB

posted Mar 1, 2010, 6:33 AM by CJUG Admin

rapidBOOKS LP is a new digital publishing house that produces technology and management books, research papers, articles and white papers on unique technology solutions for programmers, software developers, IT Managers and other IT professionals. rapidBOOKS is the publishing arm of DexPro(Dextrus Prosoft Inc.), a technology consulting firm that Manoj Khanna brought to Calgary, Alberta from the Silicon Valley a few years ago.

“Sometimes it simply takes too long to have a book printed and shipped, and sometimes the information requires substantial updates quite soon after publication – particularly in the technology area. rapidBOOKS LP will address both these with an agile publishing model.” says Manoj Khanna, Founder & Publisher of rapidBOOKS LP. Manoj’s vision for rapidBOOKS is to be a digital publishing company that is fast and agile in responding to the information needs of technology professionals, particularly in the areas of open source, emerging technologies and social technology.

rapidBOOKS LP advisor Ron Murch, from the University of Calgary Executive MBA program, says, “The rate of change, particularly with technology, computing and telecommunications based tools, is rapid. If you are at the forefront of that, being able to access current technical knowledge for problem solving and implementing solutions becomes quite important. In addition to publishing digital books, various social media tools are being used by rapidBOOKS to build online communities to provide easy access to the resources (technology, information, people) needed to solve these technical problems rapidly.

Set to launch on June 15 with their first set of end of Spring release titles, rapidBOOKS and its authors from across the globe will begin with seven books in PDF, Sony Reader, Kindle, iPad, and other popular formats that the majority of book readers in the market today use. rapidBOOKS LP will publish books in English, Portuguese and French.

rapidBooks has three series:

  • rapidBOOK Series is a line of full-sized textbooks covering the latest tech topics. The first in this series is Professional and Scientific Writing with Open Source Tools and KDE for the Graphical User.
  • rapidLearning Series is a line of quick, easy-to-absorb condensed books on hot tech topics like Practical & Applied Search Engine Optimization and Practical & Applied Blogging.
  • rapidManagement Series is a line of textbooks on tech management. The first in the series is Practical Agile Experience.

rapidBOOKS also assists other book publishers by converting their works into digital formats and handling their digital distribution on a turnkey and project-by-project basis.

The rapidBOOKS team also includes Lyn Cadence, Director Marketing & PR; Audra Gorgiev, Editor; and Shirley Bays, Editor.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Manoj Khanna, please contact Lyn Cadence, Marketing & PR Director at rapidBOOKS LP | media@rapidbooks.ca http://rapidbooks.ca

CJUG Meeting January 13th

posted Jan 7, 2010, 8:02 AM by CJUG Admin

Our next meeting will be held online, courtesy of Elluminate Live, between 5pm and 7pm MST on January 13th and will be given by Victor Grazi, Vice President of Global Application Development at Credit Suisse.

Victor has been delivering real-time valuation, reporting, and trading systems to major financial institutions for over 20 years. He is a Java evangelist and has presented at JavaOne,  Java SIG's, and is a regular presenter at Credit Suisse IT Expos.

In this talk we will use animation to visually explore the building blocks of concurrency offered in the java.util.concurrent package. At the heart of the talk is a series of animations that clearly visualize the functionality and timing aspects of each concurrent component. Each animation features buttons that correspond to the method calls associated with that component. Each click of a method button activates a concurrent thread to call that method. The audience will watch how the threads interact with each other in real-time as they contend for access to some blocking structure, as we talk through salient features of the component.

Components covered include,
  • Executors
  • Semaphore
  • Future
  • Reentrant Lock
  • ReadWriteLock
  • Condition
  • BlockingQueue
  • CyclicBarrier
  • CountDownLatch
  • CompletionService 
  • Compare & Swap

Each animation is controlled by the actual Java concurrent component it is illustrating.  So the animation is not only a visual demonstration, it is also a code example. So if you’re still using constructs like Thread.start or wait/notify, you will want to attend this meeting.

You will need to download the animations prior to the meeting. They are packaged as an executable JAR file and can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/javaconcurrenta/. To join the meeting, you must have Java 5 or later installed and be prepared for the Elluminate Live client to download.

JOIN THE MEETING (Link valid from 4.30PM MST January 13th).

45% off Ebook Purchases from O'Reilly

posted Dec 3, 2009, 6:51 AM by CJUG Admin   [ updated Dec 3, 2009, 6:52 AM ]

Special offer for O'Reilly User Group program members: Along with your 35% discount off print books, you can now get 45% off all ebooks you purchase direct from oreilly.com for a limited time.

When you buy an O'Reilly ebook you get lifetime access to the book, and whenever possible we make it available to you in four, DRM-free file formats--PDF, .epub, Kindle-compatible .mobi, and Android ebook--that you can use on the devices of your choice. Our ebook files are fully searchable, and you can cut-and-paste and print them. We also alert you when we've updated the files with corrections and additions.

Just use code DSUG when ordering online at www.oreilly.com/store

All New O'Reilly Safari Books

posted Nov 16, 2009, 1:22 PM by CJUG Admin

O'Reilly Books are re-launching their Safari Books Online service with a new web site, new features and new subscription packages. They are also offering a free 10 day test drive to new subscribers. Details can be found on the Safari Web Site.

CJUG Meeting November 11th

posted Oct 28, 2009, 6:40 AM by CJUG Admin   [ updated Nov 9, 2009, 7:39 AM ]

Our next meeting will be held online, courtesy of Elluminate Live, between 5pm and 7pm MST on November 11th. Our speaker will be Alex Miller of Terracotta who will be talking about "Scaling Your Cache and Caching At Scale".

Caching has been an essential strategy for greater performance in computing since the beginning of the field. Nearly all applications have data access patterns that make caching an attractive technique, but caching also has hidden trade-offs related to concurrency, memory usage, and latency.

As we build larger distributed systems, caching continues to be a critical technique for building scalable, high-throughput, low-latency applications. Large systems tend to magnify the caching trade-offs and have created new approaches to distributed caching. There are unique challenges in testing systems like these as well.

Ehcache and Terracotta provide a unique way to start with simple caching for a small system and grow that system over time with a consistent API while maintaining low-latency, high-throughput caching.

 Alex  Miller Alex Miller is a Tech Lead with Terracotta Inc, the makers of the open-source Java clustering product Terracotta. Prior to Terracotta, Alex worked at BEA Systems and was Chief Architect at MetaMatrix. His interests include Java, concurrency, distributed systems, languages, and software design. Alex enjoys tweeting as @puredanger and blogging at http://tech.puredanger.com. In St. Louis, Alex is the founder of the Lambda Lounge group for the study of functional and dynamic languages and the Strange Loop developer conference.

To join this meeting, you must have Java 5 or later installed along with Java WebStart. Click the link below from your browser, enter your name and wait for the Elluminate Live! software to download. You will be connected to the CJUG session automatically. The link will only work from 4.30PM MST on Wednesday 11th November.

To join the meeting, CLICK HERE.

No Fluff, Just Stuff 2010 Questionnaire

posted Oct 20, 2009, 7:42 AM by CJUG Admin

NFJS Calgary 2009 was, unfortunately, canceled because it failed to meet the minimum number of required attendees. However, the NFJS team are considering coming back to Calgary around March or April 2010 and would like to know what our members think. Please take a few moments to answer some questions and help bring this event back to Calgary.

Google AppEngine for Java: Recording

posted Oct 16, 2009, 7:59 AM by CJUG Admin

The Elluminate Live! recording of last nights presentation on Google AppEngine for Java by Eugene Ciurana is available here. This link will download and start the Elluminate Live! client in playback mode, so you will need Java 5 with WebStart installed to play it.

CJUG Meeting October 14th

posted Oct 16, 2009, 7:24 AM by CJUG Admin

Our October meeting will be held on Wednesday October 14th between 5.00PM and 7.00PM MDT and will be online courtesy of Elluminate Live. A link to the meeting will be posted to this blog and sent out to the mailing list on the day.

Our speaker will be Eugene Ciurana (http://eugeneciurana.com/). Eugene Ciurana is an open-source evangelist who specializes in the design and implementation of mission-critical, high-availability large scale systems. As Director of Systems Infrastructure at LeapFrog, he and his team designed and built a 100% SOA and cloud system that enables millions of Internet-ready educational and handheld products and services. As chief liaison between Walmart.com Global and the ISD Technology Council, he led the official adoption of Linux and other open-source technologies at Walmart Stores Information Systems Division. He’s also designed high performance systems for major financial institutions and many Fortune 100 companies in the United States and Europe.

Eugene will be talking about Google AppEngine for Java, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure that Google itself uses for deploying their massively scalable applications.

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