This year will be EPIC for JAVA

So we started the year rolling with Big names (Jeff Genender and Matt Konda), and is JUST GONNA GET BETTER, I can’t tell you how excited we are at the CJUG to bring you great presentations, great events, and great networking overall. We have grown so much in the past year, and we are still expecting grow.


By the numbers (We are 735 CJUGers, let’s break the thousands barrier)

We set a goal of getting 810 members by the end of 2013. AND WE GOT PRETTY CLOSE. We are now a vibrant community of 700+ People, and boy, it just makes me feel proud. We are becoming the larger more active Java User Group in the United States, and we are not going to rest until we are the LARGEST U.S. Community :) . So by the end of the year, let’s make CJUG have more than 3,000 members. I know we are all there. Get EVERYONE you know to join in and participate. Tell them about our group, tell them how cool it was last year, and tell them that 2014 is going to be even larger, better, and with the release of Java 8, it’s going to be EPIC.

Speaking of EPIC

Java 8 is around the corner, and we are gearing tons of presentations on what it brings. It is the release we all have been salivating about (lambdas, lambdas, lambdas). We will get all kinds of talks, including JavaFX, JavaEE, and everything Java 8 touches. So stay tuned to our new events.

You gotta come and join us this Feb 6 (Gradle and 3-tier pattern) (­…­/)

Ok, so we have not one, but TWO Chicagoland Celebrities coming out this Thursday. Bob Paulin (yeah, the Bob Paulin that helps get things organized, and have that awesome presentation on getting the right technology ‘mix’) is gonna talk about Gradle and Continuous delivery. Not just that, following up after him we have Brett Lindsey talking about developing interfaces for 3-tier architectures. Brett, who, in another life was like a computer science professor and have the ability to explain, entertain and engage on his presentations (He presented on Spring Planting). It’s such a DOUBLE FEATURE, that you should NOT miss. People will pay real hard-earned cash to hear what they want to say, but, they are selfless and want YOU to have all the knowledge, so come-on, show up at Loyola’s and let the knowledge transfer begin!


Ah, new year, new officers, same old dedication to the Organization

So we had officer nominations in the past week, and just for everyone to know, the CJUG have officially appointed:

Bob Paulin as Community Leader ( 

Yay! He will make sure the community becomes just ‘AWESOMER’, and is in charge of making sure we are the Biggest, Baddest, Awesomest Java User Group out there.


Michael Minella as Meeting Director (

And event Director, would there be a Conference in the future? mayyyybe.. And you can bet Michael will make sure it’s epic, from our regular meetings to the big events. He already promised to have a even bigger and better meeting roster than last year

Monica Gee as our CFO (

Ah, money matters, and there is nothing more certain than Death and Taxes. She is helping us getting all our finances organized. We are growing, and we want to plan bigger things, so we need someone who knows Money :)

Cedric Hurst as our Sponsorship Director (

Cedric is helping sure that “Free” for CJUG members stays Free by going out and finding places, spots, dropped pennies, he is making sure that we always have a viable group. Hey! Do you have a space for us to host an event? Would you like to treat us beer and pizza? Are you interested in an bronze,silver, gold level sponsorship? Cedric is your Sponsorship Ninja-Rockstar-Guru (just try to picture that, it’s almost impossible)!

So, drop them a line and say “Hi” and Congrats. Give them a couple of words of encouragement. They are really selfless and are just doing it because we love the language, we love the community, and more specially we really believe Chicago is the best place to be a Developer (specially in Spring, I have to say that these Polar Vortexes were kinda tough :) ). But a last, programming is not for the weak of heart


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Happenings for November 4th, 2013

Oh we are going full EE THIS THURSDAY!

We have two great 30 min sessions for Thursday. The first one is famous author,  Josh Juneau (I actually worked with him co-writing the Java 7 Recipes book, and he is phenomenal. He knows his stuff and is always curious about what’s new and upcoming. He elbows with the likes of Arun Gupta and Peter Pilgrim which are big pillars in the Java EE Community!

And for those of us who remember the old movie theaters, this is a DOUBLE FEATURE, on which John Freeman will be talking about WebSockets. The official JavaEE “Hammer” for the many problem nails! He’ll cover what are WebSockets, best practices and integration with Spring 4. Even if you knew about WebSockets, this presentation still worth coming for! Sign-up now!


Tut-tut we are at 600 and is November :P (800!)

Keep spreading the word and getting people to sign-up! We have our stretch goals, and we want to get to 800 by the end of the year. We can still do it! Let everyone you know sign-up and tell them we are here to help.

SOOO, you couldn’t go to JavaOne? Don’t despair, the Sessions are now ONLINE

Go and click on the link, and get bombarded by so much awesomeness you will go blind! (Previous sentence must be read on Jeff Black’s Kung Fu Panda voice, go ahead, try again J).  But seriously, the first batch of content is coming out, and you will have the opportunity to listen to all the world-class sessions from the comfort of your home (or work).

Have a question? Send an e-mail to

We are letting our mentors be online. Got a question that you want help on? Can’t find your answer in the internet? Never despair, just send an e-mail to and we will make sure one of our cool and hip mentors reply and let you keep developing!

Sshhhh, we are planning an event for this December (it’s a secret!)

We are thinking of having a get-together and plain just talk fun for December, details are going to come soon! Usually December is hard to get speakers scheduled for both tracks, so we might just have one speaker event in December, and then a plain-old, let’s get together and be merry! Have any ideas? Drop me a line


Hey Awesome CJUG Dude/Dudette, wanna give us a hand?

Looking for volunteers to help us organize regular events, networking evens, hack-a-thons, job fairs, and lastly a conference. Wanna participate? Have any time for us? Wanna help make Chicago the BEST place for being a Java developer? Send me an e-mail and let’s talk!




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Happenings for Oct 15, 2013

Uncompressing from J1

Oh dear, JavaOne was bigger and greater than ever. There were tons to learn, tons to talk, and your JUG represented Chicago with the other user group Leaders. We are excited of the things that other JUGs are doing (including newsletters and tips for getting more presenters), and they were “impressed” by the awesome community we have here in Chi-town. From the Americas we are growing as one of the larger JUGs (with 567 members, we are definitively “not Small”).

BUT!. (there is always a but)

We are not the Largest User group yet. London Boast 3500 members and SouJava (Brazil), more than 5k (some say is on the 10k). So let’s not get lazy and keep driving our membership! Thanks to our previous growth we have been able to secure great speakers (including Venkat , Reza, Uncle Bob). AND we have already secured Arun Gupta (coming in 2014), and more to talk about Java EE. (See minute 8:50, here WE CAN DO THIS


Wanna keep seeing high-caliber speakers. It’s easy! Just keep telling your peers (and nag them) to become part of our user group. We are always free, we usually have pizza, and we always have a good time with friends, and familiar faces :D .


WE ARE FAMOUS! (JavaOne Interview)

We got featured in the JavaOne Magazine (, page 10, and look at you! at the time of the interview we were a measly 360 members. Ah, but we won’t stop until we are the largest U.S. (and then the World! muahahahah <- Insert Dr. Evil laugh ) User group :)


So Tuesday is huuuuuge!

We have two events going on that day. At CME around lunchtime we have Jack Shirazi. He elbows with the big names in Java performance, and he wrote a classic on Java Performance Tuning! so get a brown bag lunch, and go see him!

AND then we have Uncle Bob coming to talk about Clojure! We are full for this event, so I do have a favor to ask. If you think you cannot come, let someone have a chance. We are doing this in coordination with the ACM and Loyola, and is great collaborating with them. As we keep doing these events we will start bringing new collaboration opportunities for all of our groups together, to be even bigger, and better.


Ada Lovelace Day (Tuesday Oct 15th).

This day of celebration is about sharing stories of women — engineers, scientists, technologists or mathematicians — who have inspired you to become who you are today. The aim is to create new role models for girls and women by raising the profile of other women in STEM.  If you would like to celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and math, consider writing a blog or tweeting about a woman in STEM who inspires you, and include #ALD13. (Thanks Tori Wieldt for letting us know!)


Btw, let’s make the future Java 

This is the opening for the JavaOne Keynote (

And the most inspiring part of the Community Keynote at 19:40…

If you want to help organize Devoxx for Kids here in Chicago, or thinking of doing outreach programs contact me, and we’ll make it happen


Sofware Craftmanship Conference (November 8-9)

There is the Sofware Craftmanship conference coming soon (November 8-9, 2013). And it’s so close (AON center), over two days (Fri-sat),at @ $440. still waay cheaper than J1.AND, if you register, there is a question about “if someone recommended this event to you?”. Say yes, and put down CJUG ;) .

From their FAQ: “SCNA welcomes any current or aspiring software developers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, development managers, and technology professionals interested in improving their craft, their community, and themselves. We’d love to have you, no matter how broad your interests and experiences.”


Chicago Startup Weekend Mobile (October 18th – 20th), @ 30% off

Our evil brothers at the .net user group (kidding, Andy is pretty cool actually, and he’s been helping with this conference) let us know of this conference happening THIS WEEK. Don’t waste time! Get registered!

From their site “Startup Weekend returns to Chicago October 18-20th with its first mobile themed event!  We’ll be hosting 100 of Chicago’s best and brightest mobile entrepreneurs, along with coaches and sponsors to help turn their ideas into validated products over the course of 54-hours! Let’s see who can create Chicago’s next mobile startup!  Details and registration information can be found at CJUG members receive 30% off developer tickets!  Use promotion code “javadev” during checkout. Also, all attendees will receive a 50% off discount code to the Chicago Ideas Week Tech Summit.


Don’t forget about your mentors!

Yes, there are still here, and they are willing to help those who have a technological “need”. Go ahead, schedule at OR email them at No question is too small, or large!


Ah, so much to do, so little time!

Hope you have a good week (ours is full to the brim of activity!)



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Frontend “vs” Backend – Getting the Right Mix

Thank you Chicago Java Community for a great turnout. I hope you enjoyed the presentation. Here is the code:

And for those who missed it. Here is the recording:

Modern website architectures are typically composed of 2 parts: frontend and backend. Building out frontend and backend components requires diverse skill sets and often have competing interests when it comes to developer productivity and site performance. This talk will discuss some ways Java frameworks deal with these issues as well as benefits and tradeoffs. The talk will include combine demos with cutting edge frontend frameworks (Handlebarsjs, CoffeeScript, Less) and popular Java backends (Spring, Apache CXF).

Bob Paulin is an independent consultant that has been developing on Java for the past 10 years. Bob is focuses on Business Enablement and Web Centric Applications. He’s presented in the past at CJUG on Apache Sling and is currently helping his clients perform modular development/design, automation for continuous delivery, and build forward leaning web applications. When not coding, Bob enjoys coaching football and spending time with his with his wife and 3 kids.

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JVM, Classloaders by Simon Maple + Java 8 by Reza Rahman

Plus Free Flight Coupons, Cash, and more!

Orbitz Worldwide Inc
500 West Madison St, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL (edit map)
Up TWO escalators to 3rd Floor Lobby, then 8th Floor Orbitz

Java EE 7 is around the corner and the horizons for Java EE 8 are emerging. This session looks into the key changes the community can expect. The goal of this session is to foster interest and discussion around these changes.

Some of the changes discussed include retiring EJB 2 entity beans and JAX-RPC, greater alignment with CDI, WebSocket/HTML 5 support, a standard API for JSON processing, the next version of JAX-RS, an overhaul of JMS, long-awaited concurrency utilities, batch processing in Java EE and much, much more.

About Reza Rahman
Reza Rahman is a long time former independent consultant and now officially a Java EE/GlassFish evangelist at Oracle. He is the author of the popular book EJB 3 in Action. Reza is a frequent speaker at Java User Groups and conferences worldwide including JavaOne. He is an avid contributor to industry journals like JavaLobby/DZone and TheServerSide. Reza has been a member of the Java EE, EJB and JMS expert groups. He implemented the EJB container for the Resin open source Java EE application server.

Reza has over a decade of experience with technology leadership, enterprise architecture, application development and consulting. He has been working with Java EE technology since its inception, developing on almost every major application platform ranging from Tomcat to JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere and WebLogic. Reza has developed enterprise systems for well-known companies like eBay, Motorola, Comcast, Nokia, Prudential, Guardian Life, USAA, Independence Blue Cross and AAA using EJB 2, EJB 3, CDI, Spring and Seam.

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Hadoop presented by Sridhar Paladugu

Hadoop presented by Sridhar Paladugu sponsored by CME

 Tuesday, June 18, 2013
5:30 PM
  • CME Group Inc

    20 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Il

  • Sridhar Paladugu will present a overview of key features and related Hadoop technologies, including Map Reduce, PIG, HBase and a lot more. Sridhar is a expert Java professional with more than 10 years experience.


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Happenings for May 10, 2013

I’ve got the Power! (The Power of Gradle, that is)

Join us on Tuesday, May 21st to hear what Gradle is all about, with real world examples! Tim O’Brien of Gradleware fame will be there (and he might even have a prize or two!). Also we will be donning a new location, 300 West Adams, just in front of the Willis (it’s so hard, it will always be Sears) Tower. Check the map and details in our Meetup page, and attend

We got 210 CJUG members in Meetup, (the .NET user group has 330).

Come on, I know there are much more Java developers, CJUG Needs you! Spread the word, forward this email to your developer’s distribution list. Shout “CJUG is Awesome” from the top of your cubicle (or office), mention it casually at cocktail parties (“hey, I’m member of the Chicago Java Users Group, they are a fancy bunch”), add it to your email signature (“CJUG Member”), share with students, professors, your local barista. Let everyone know (and sign) to our Meetup group at

Come and let’s do some Spring Planting this June 6th

Our trusted Brett Lindsley will take us through the process of creating a web application from the ground-up. Even if you have done a web app before you might’ve not seen all the interactions that happen when building one. Join us on June 6th! (Venue tbd)

Red Hat Developer Exchange, JBoss User Developer Conference (JUDCon) and CamelOne at Boston (June 9th ~ 11th)

If you are around Boston on June 9th to the 11th you can attend these conferences at a 99$ discounted rate (Just for being a fancy CJUG member), just use PRECONJUG registration code and voila!




The Cravin’ Maven video is online

If you couldn’t make it to our Cravin’ Maven presentation (an Intro to Maven) by Brett Lindsley, you can find the video (and all the others) at

What’s the Chicago Java Users Group up to?

A little update for you on what are we doing. We have organized our finances and have put in place a solid sponsorship program (Thanks Scott and Michelle!), we are furiously upping the number of presentations per-month and finding new locales to present (thanks Brett!), have created a mentorship program which is awesome and btw, you should really use them (Thanks Mike and Bob!), and are actively trying to reach out and help the actual Chicago Community through initiatives like Random Hacks of Kindness (, thanks Rishu!). We have even reached across the aisle to the .Net User group  (and Scala, and JBoss, and Web Development) to organize co-sponsored events.


In all we’ve been busy. There is no monetary compensation for anyone working at the CJUG, so if you happen to see any of them, give them a big hug (or a slap on their back), and tell them “Thank you!”


But with everything else, we need you. Yes, you. I want to drive our membership up, discover all Java developers in the Chicago Area, and create a strong, solid and vibrant community of Java developers that can learn, grow and make a difference.  To accomplish these goals I need every Java professional and Student to know, sign-up and participate in our group. Are you a recruiter? Well, tell your candidates about the organization. It’s like sending them to a free conference to learn new stuff and they will only get better. Are you a student? Tell your classmates, participate, create and volunteer (this will help you even on your resume). Are you a teacher? Contact me and we can do projects for your student body on which we teach them what is required from the corporate world in terms of projects. Are you a developer? By all means, share and join us. You are the soul and the reason volunteers flip over backwards to get things moving and created. Help me out by getting more people signed-up and participating in our JUG.

Peace out! (wasn’t that out of fashion after the 90s ?)

 Freddy Guime
Community Leader
Chicago Java Users Group


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Happenings for April 19, 2013

Last Call for Cravin’ Maven (April 23rd)

You have been curious about Maven, and what it brings to the table within your organization. Well, let curiosity rule and come to our Cravin’ Maven Meetup! Brett Lindsey will take you through the benefits of Maven + how to set it up! Have questions, he’ll answer! So come join us in our new venue (La Quinta in Downtown), for a full-course Maven dinner!

Who says there’s no thing as free lunch (Member benefits).

We are putting together member benefits for everyone to use! We just scored a 30% discount on APress books (read more at, and are continually working on bringing you even more benefits.

We’ll be picking three winners for the Chicago Algo Trading Conference passes tonight! (300$ value)

Try your luck, post a message on and see if the lucky stars are with you today. I’ll be talking in the Conference on the topic of Code Optimization. Curious about the Financial Industry? This is the best place to talk to peers!

Awww, we fell short of our 250 Meetup members goal

Well, at least we got 200, but I’m expecting you to do better. Let’s get our numbers up for next friday. Get people sign-up! Take pride in your community, make sure anyone who has ever written a piece of Java code and lives 50 miles from Chicago is signed-up. It’s the best way for us to keep growing and bringing value to the Chicago Java Users Group. Let’s aim for 225. You can do it! Right now! that co-worker who is sitting next to you, send him the link (

Have Questions? will Mentor (Say Hi to Michael Nolan)

We have a new mentor! Michael Nolan has gracefully volunteer to be a mentor for us (, if you see him, say hi, and ask questions! That’s what mentors are here for, to help you out. Wanna have some 1-on-1 time solving a complex problem? Then ask for a mentor by filling out this form (


Now really, THIS time is the last call for Call for Papers (Tuesday, April 23rd)

The JavaOne Call for Papers has been  extended to April 23rd, so if you were thinking, but couldn’t write one last week this is your second chance! (It’s a sign!) Come and join the ranks of JavaOne presenters and write about the cool stuff you do (

Volunteers? Anyone? Will jump, skip and hop for volunteers!

Ok so we don’t have any $$ to pay anyone at the CJUG, and we might not be the coolest-sounding organization ever, but we DO have the nicest people that share those midwestern values, working in the BEST city in the U.S. Help us out, we will take any help we can get, from organizing our meetings to prettying up our website to running different projects. If you volunteer, it will make you warm and fuzzy inside. IF you don’t, a new NullPointerException is thrown, and a little thread just died. Shame shame!


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Happenings for April 12, 2013

We’re doing Heavy Lifting! (In the cloud that is).  April 16th

Last call, last call! sign-up for our Heavy Listing in the Cloud meet up next Tuesday at the CME presented by no other than its principal developer Michael Minella. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the actual creators!

Let’s grow our Meetup (Let’s target 250 for next week).

Let your friends and buddies know about the Chicago Java Users Group Meetup. Ask them to sign-up, and grow those member numbers. We’re at 182, but we know there are much more of you out there. Reach out and get them to sign-up. The more people in our meet up, the more benefits we can bring to the community (More raffles, sponsors, benefits, giveaways).  Can you make it happen? can we grow to 250 by next week? I’m counting on you!

Psst, wanna get a Enterprise Architect Certification for 50 bucks?

Right now there is the new Enterprise Architect Certification beta program going on, and it only costs you 50$ (Instead of the usual 300$). A great opportunity to snatch that certification. Read all about it here

Subscribe to the Java Magazine (And help your local JUG out!)

If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to the Java Magazine at .This month’s magazine is dedicated to Community! Read all about it, and if it strikes your fancy, help your local JUG out!


You can do it It takes the total of 30 mins to apply for one. Get your submission in!

CJUG is a non-profit!

We have been cleaning up all the little things within the CJUG. Our board have been very busy preparing for this year and one of the last milestones is that we’re re-incorporated as a NonProfit. What that means is that we can now manage and attract larger events and more capital. And what that means is more benefits are coming your way. Say Yay to Michelle, Scott and the Board! (Also if you think you want to participate or just talk to the CJUG Board, go to and contact us. We’re all ears :)

Have questions? Will answer! (Mentorship Program)

Your local JUG have resources to help you out in your problems. Have a tough concept that is not quite clear? (Encryption), or are you curious of what technology is available for no-sql databases that can help you in your project (Hadoop et al)? Then go and sign-up to talk to one of our mentors. We’re here to help you be the best you can be!

Startup Weekend Coming up!

Want to flex your entrepreneurial muscles? Then check out Startup Weekend happening on April 19th

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Happenings for April 5th

The Chicago Algo Trading Conference Raffle (June 12th)

Hey there! We’re raffling three entries to our local Chi-town Algorithmic Trading Conference ( where yours truly will be speaking! Want to come and learn the secrets of fast algo trading, were you curious about the financial industry in general? Wanted to meet more like-developers in this sector, or how about an open bar? If so, give it a shot and reply to this thread

Flourish at the FlourishConf! (April 12, 13)

Next week (April 12, and 13) UIC is hosting the FlourshConf, a conference dedicated to Open-Source. Attendance is free, and you are most welcome to sign-up at

JavaOne Call for Papers closing! (April 13th)

Stretch those fingers and start typing! the CFP is a wonderful opportunity to get exposure to the Java community (and attend the conference for free!)

JavaOne San Francisco Super Saver Discount (Save 600$). (Sep 21, 26)

If heading to JavaOne, register now and save 600$ from the Onsite price! (

Don’t forget to Sign up for our Spring Batch presentation (April 16th)
Our own Michael Minella is going to be presenting ( Have any praise, make sure to tell him! Have any complaints? well, make sure you tell me :)

Have Mentors, will teach!

Have a tough problem? Need some help? Well visit our mentorship program ( While they may not be able to help mend relations with that old-flame, at least they can tackle those though Java Programming / Architect problems that are surfacing around

Craig Walls presentation now online (on Spring Social)

If you couldn’t make it to our Spring Social meetup, well, we at least have the slides and the 2nd half of Craig Walls presentation, enjoy!
PDF at
Video at

Looking for Venues

Want to help your local Java Users Group? Here’s a possibility. Do you have a venue that we could use to host our meetings? Does your employer/company want to support us? Drop us a line at We’re constantly trying to find new venues to bring even more presenters and knowledge to our Java enthusiasts!

Spread the word!

There’s nothing certain but “Death and Taxes”, and it is April, so it’s the “taxes” part that most people worry about. But hey,what we really can’t have enough of is friends! Get your team to sign-up for our Meetup and twitter. Let them become CJUG friends and participants. Let’s show the world that Chicago is the Java Developer’s kind’ of town!

And your moment of Zen!



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